Small Vehicle Driver

Job Description

  Main duties and responsibilities

Under close supervision of Head, General Service Division performs his driving tasks according to company rules and regulations and that of Transport Authority rules and regulations. Keep the assigned vehicle clean and ready for work.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

–  Check that the vehicle is cleaned, oiled greased and the tyres, fan belts, battery and other equipment are in proper condition for operation.

– Drive light vehicles such as automobile or small pick-up trucks to transport passengers and materials over short or long distances.

–  Control the movement of the vehicle with due regard to traffic regulations.

– Ensure the proper handling of the vehicle he operates and reports defects discovered during operation.

– Perform minor repair work that does not require a high knowledge of auto mechanics.

– Get fuel oil timely and use economically.

– Report soon in case of accident to his immediate supervisor and 3.8 Administration and traffic police for investigation.

– Check availability of auxiliary materials such as spare tyre.

Job Requirements

Qualification Requirement

Education : High School Complete

 Work Experience : 2 Years Related Experience

Special skill/Training: Grade 3 Driving License

How to Apply

interested and qualified applicants send your resume and credentials through company email by inserting the position you are applying for on the subject line.

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